Wellness Care

Wellness Exams

      An immeasurable amount of information about an animal can be obtained from a thorough physical examination from a veterinarian. Because animals age much faster than humans, their health can change rapidly, as well. Through routine wellness exams, any changes within an animal's health and wellness may be detected before clinical signs are exhibited.

      Our staff at CG&S is also available for any issues your pet may be having through illness, as well. From limping to vomiting, our veterinarians will guide you through the diagnostic process, recommending the tests that will give you the information needed to get your pet back to feeling great!


Vaccinations and Testing


In addition to wellness examinations, there are a variety of preventative options for your pet, including routine vaccinations and testing for common intestinal and blood parasites. Our goal at CG&S is to educate pet owners about the preventative vaccine options and create a health plan for each individual animal. Annual vaccinations are a proven method of preventing disease, and our veterinarians can help you decide what dieases your pet may be exposed to.