Why does my pet need a wellness exam every year?

    As you may know, our pets have shorter life spans than us, which means that within the span of a year, they have aged as much as a human would in 5-10 years, depending on their breed and size. Because of this, annual physical exams are crucial to help prevent and detect health issues as quickly as possible. By monitoring your animal's health- including ausculting (listening) to the heart and lungs, palpation of the abdomen to feel for organ enlargments or abnormalities, checking teeth/gums, eyes, ears, and skin, monitoring weight and more- your veterinarian can recommend treatments and options to keep your pet happy and healthy for as long as possible.


  What vaccines are absolutely necessary for my pet?

    Many different vaccinations are available for your cat or dog. These vaccines are dependent on you and your pet's lifestyle and location, and can change throughout their lifespan. Because of this, our technicians will discuss the various vaccines with you, including why the vaccines are important, the risks of vaccinating or not vaccinating, and what would put your animal at risk of developing the diseases we are vaccinating against. With your veterinary technician and your veterinarian, we develop an individual vaccine protocol for your specific pet, with the goal of keeping your pet healthy and keeping you as a pet parent comfortable and knowledgable of your decisions.

Why don't you provide after hours emergency care for your clients and patients?
    For the benefit of our patients and clients, CG&S refers all after-hours emergencies to Mountain View Animal Emergency, located off of Maugans Avenue in Hagerstown, MD. Referral to an emegency hospital benefits our patients in many ways. First and foremost, MVAE is fully staffed overnight with veterinarians and veterinary technicians. This means that while your animal is there, they will have constant supervision and care. Primary care veterinary hospitals are not staffed overnight; therefore, if emergencies are brought in after-hours, they will be triaged, stabilized and hospitalized, but will not have the constant supervision until the next morning when office hours resume.
    Additionally, MVAE is between 10-20 minutes away from the majority of our clients and patients; this is equal to or less than the time it may take to call an on-call veterinarian and technician into a primary care hospital. To summarize, it is safer and quicker to have an emergency practice available than to rely solely on on-call veterinarians.
    If your location is further from MVAE, there are additional emergency hospitals to choose from, including hospitals located in Mechanicsburg, PA and Frederick, MD. Give our office a call today to inquire about the best options for your family.